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Examiner.com is a content creation network powered by independent and self-motivated contributors with local knowledge and expertise. We are currently supporting 85,000+ contributors who share content that matters most to them, highlighted with local flair. Examiner.com is transforming how relevant content is created for audiences around the world. Our core focus is to create content that is meaningful to users through topics of interest, increased relevancy within local markets, and with an emphasis on content quality.


With over 12 million monthly unique visitors and 38 million page views according to comScore, August 2013. Examiner.com attracts an affluent, well-educated demographic:

27% are more likely to have a household income of $100K+ than the average online user

67% are more likely to have a college or post graduate degree than the average online user

50% are more likely to have a home value of $1M-$5M than the average online user

121% are more likely to be at an EVP, SVP, or VP job level than the average online user

Source: comScore August 2013, Nielsen @plan Rel 2 2012


Available ad sizes:

728x90 Leaderboard

300x250 Rectangle

300x600 Rectangle

Rich Media capabilities

Mobile site ad sizes

Creative Specs

All site ads must follow these creative specs:

Maximum polite file sizes are 40k .jpg .gif .swf or rich media

Maximum animation time is 15 seconds (includes up to 3 loops)

Rich media units require user initiated expansion

Sound must be user initiated

All click-throughs must open in a new browser window

Ads cannot be disguised as news or mimic site functionality

Contact Us

To have an Examiner.com sales representative contact you, please email us at advertise@examiner.com


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