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Hobbies :: Common Mistakes to Avoid if you Love Watercolor Painting

With regards to painting, many would think that watercolor painting is quiet easy since you simply need paints, brush, water and surface to paint on. But this belief about watercolor painting is wrong, watercolor painting is indeed difficult to master and it takes lots of experience to perfect this form of art. A simple mistake of watercolor painting can ruin the whole piece. Most artists commit the same mistakes in their watercolor painting.

For novice painter, here are a few common errors that needs to be avoided whenever you paint.

The most common mistake done especially by novices is plunging the paintbrush directly into the paint bottle. In doing this apply thick coats of paints in to the surface thus creating a patchy and messy look to the painting. The best way to use paint is by using palettes, take out the paint from the bottle and place it to the palette. In this manner you'll be able to mix the correct amount of water to the paint and you'll have a good outcome of colors.

Watercolor painting has an unpredictable nature but there's a huge possibility to an unwanted outcome. So as to avoid this unwanted look, don't control the movement of the paint rather let it seize its own form.

There are times when you apply paint in a certain area and the result is bad. You will face a problem of how to get rid of it without ruining the whole painting. To eliminate this problem; immediately make use of a sponge or an absorbent cloth to eliminate the paint. Or you can dry up the paint first then use a damp brush and paper towel to take out the paint. Another instance occurs when there's extra water on the picture. You can fix this by making use of a clean dry brush. Never use a rag, this will only create a smudge. For an artist, bleeding of paint is extremely normal particularly in watercolor painting. Once this happen, paint it with shellac so that it won't spoil the rest of the painting.

The color of the palette you use also offers an effect. It is wise to use white palette particularly when mixing colors because white background uncovers the real shade of the color. If you use darker palette you will not be able to see the exact shade. When keeping the brushes after using, it is better to put it in a wooden box or any box that is longer than the brushes to avoid damaging the tips of the brushes. After using paints, make certain that the covers of the paint bottles are match, otherwise the color of the cover and what's in the bottle can get mix.

And of course, using good quality paints has to be practice. If you wish to paint well then it's essential to use high quality paints. There are textures that only good quality paint can perform because cheap paints has their limitations. High quality paints has different effects than low-quality paints.

For novices, it's best for you to begin with simple shapes. It is a no-no for new painters to use complex shapes. Intricate designs should be use once you master the fundamental and simple shapes.

These are the common mistakes of watercolor painting. Do not be afraid to commit mistakes in your painting, there exists a saying that learning is best taught by experience. Once you experience these mistakes you will learn to fix it and it'll improve you to definitely do better.


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